10 Future-safe Business Models That Will Not Be Rendered Obsolete by Automation

Today, major macroeconomic, cultural and regulatory forces are bringing about great change in the development and shape of enterprise that cannot be ignored. This level and magnitude of change even has a name. Thought leaders in industry call it “disruptive innovation.” The accelerating rate and characteristics of this ongoing change is disquieting and perhaps frightening to more than a few business operators. To cope with growing signs that current business models need to be more nimble and flexible, savvy entrepreneurs are preemptively adapting their business models and strategies to more readily weather disruption. To be considered viable, future business models need to be very adaptable if not fully transformational. Indeed, technology consultants have a word for this also. They call it “agile.” What follows is an overview of what industry insiders believe to be ten of the most future-safe and agile business models immune from the effects of obsolescence through automation.

Leased Staffing: Increased competition brought about by globalization, along with uncertainty in the regulatory environment concerning labor relations, will in the near future make contract labor more attractive than maintaining a full-time work force to tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Compliance Management: A desire on the part of the electorate to make sure large organizations operate as good corporate citizens in the wake of major environmental embarrassments will make the business of compliance supremely relevant going forward.

Licensing Intellectual Property: Sometimes a transfer certain property rights is a desirable objective but an outright sale is not. In such cases, help with the structuring and management of intellectual property rights is needed.

Substance Abuse and Addiction: Helping families cope with substance abuse and addiction is a form of alternative medicine whose practitioners need not fear obsolescence or encroachment from advancing technologies.

Brand Management and Media Planning: Marketing and branding are two areas of product promotion that are steeped in communications technology but not under threat of abolition by way of it.

Sports and Entertainment Management: Western cultures are still willing to spend public money on new event venues. For this reason, we can expect the sports and entertainment industries to continue to grow. This growth will create demand for people who can negotiate with and manage talent.

Risk Management: Risk Management, like compliance management is a field that is expected to grow as fast as compliance and for the same reason.

Alternative (Digital) Money Lending: Today, millions of people worldwide engage in commerce using some form of crypto-currency. It is only a matter of time before alternative money lending institutions spring up to facilitate the growth of this activity.

Management Consulting: An expansion in the reliance upon technology to grow the global economy will make create a more complex world. Consultants will be needed in every industry to help business leaders cope with greater complexity. Consultants labor within a profession that can never be rendered obsolete by automation.

Public Relations: The work of Public Relations (PR) professionals in some respects overlaps the work of brand managers. The difference between the two lies mainly in the fact that PR people don’t commonly promote products. Instead, their work has them engaged in influencing public opinion on matters such as politics and public policy.

Acceleration in the pace of change within the realms of technology, regulation and the culture of business is expected to bring about further challenges for all people involved in the development of new businesses that will drive future growth in the global economy. For all those wishing to develop a sustainable and valuable enterprise, focus needs to be on identifying emerging and disruptive trends while learning how to respond rapidly to them. Only then, will they be equipped to handle what lies ahead.