10 Summer Prep Tips to Keep Your Business Hot

Like any commercial enterprise, your business needs to keep in step with the seasons. As summer approaches you will want to think about adjusting your business in a variety of ways to make it even more attractive to employees and customers alike. Here are ten tips to bring summer into the company for all to enjoy.

1. Seasonal Decor

Change out the plants, foliage, and movable fixtures to represent a breezy summer feel. You can go all out with a tropical theme, if applicable, or simply make a few minor switches for a more comfortable and relaxed summery feel. For example, reading material can feature magazines with summer vacation ideas instead of holiday decorating tips.

2. Summer Furnishings

Like many people do at home with the changing of the seasons, you may want to put up the summer drapes and wall pictures after removing the wintry furnishings. Tabletop decorations or covers can be replaced with warm weather light-colored hues.

3. Check the Air Conditioner

Unless you live in the far North, have the office air conditioner checked and serviced for maximum efficiency during the warm weather months. You don’t want to risk a breakdown when the AC is most needed.

4. Add More Lighting

Depending on your window and door placements, consider opening the blinds for greater light, especially on cool mornings. If your office has a front entrance leading outside, leave the door open when the AC isn’t running to create a more inviting feel for customers.

5. Update Marketing Language

In marketing pieces and ads, use seasonal terminology like “red hot” and “Fourth of July sale” in keeping with the summer spirit. Customers will enjoy the festive feel of doing business at your company.

6. Promote Summer Events

Sponsor a customer appreciation snack day, offering ice cream cones, cookies and punch, or hot dogs and soda to create a festive air. If possible, stage the event outdoors or in the parking lot, weather permitting, for a picnic effect. Employees often appreciate a mid-summer company cookout.

7. Wear Summer Gear

Depending on your office attire, encourage staff to wear summery golf or tennis style shirts with khakis on occasion, perhaps as a Friday dress-down day. Even ball caps will infuse a summery mood to everyday work schedules.

8. Hand out summer freebies.

Sunglasses, beach towels, and other seasonal items that are imprinted with the company logo make great giveaway items at the county fair or during a promotional sale event. Not only will customers appreciate the gift, but they will also remember your company whenever they use the item.

9. Update Your Website

Implement a summery design on your business website to represent the season. Customers enjoy a seasonal impression when browsing websites and may linger longer at your site if it includes summer appeal.

10. Participate in Community Activities

Sponsoring a Little League team or a booth at the local fair is a great way to demonstrate solidarity with the community while making your business more visible outside the office. Volunteering services or donating goods to summertime programs lets you give back to the community.

It doesn’t take much time or effort to update your business for summer. Celebrate the season with changes like these to create a fun and meaningful environment for employees and customers.