6 Great Ways To Attract Talent For Open Positions

Finding the right candidates for a position can be both challenging and stressful. Sometimes an interviewer may feel as though there simply aren’t any acceptable candidates available, but often the problem lies more in the way that the position is being presented than in the quality of the applicants. Marketing a position to talented recruits is extremely important to find the best employees.

1. Advertise in the Right Places
Many companies make the mistake of advertising in the wrong places. Highly specialized jobs have specific employment boards and avenues for recruiting that employers should consider first. Most employees today look for jobs in online job boards rather than in the newspaper which means that advertising purely through newspapers and classifieds may make it impossible to find quality workers. Employers need to educate themselves on the best ways to recruit employees before beginning their interviewing process. Craigslist, Monster, and CareerBuilder are all the main job listing websites that applicants use today.

2. Make the Advertisement Exciting
An advertisement isn’t just intended to tell the job applicants what is expected from them. A job posting should also tell the applicants what the company can do for them. A job listing that is intended to bring in the best possible employees should promote what is special about the position and what the company offers as far as benefits, pay and working atmosphere. Without these critical components many applicants may feel the job isn’t worth their time. The job listing should also be very specific about the position itself and what is required of the applicants.

3. Use Connections
One of the best ways to find qualified candidates is for a company to reach out to their network of associates. By reaching out to others in the industry a recruiter can find potential candidates who are looking for a similar job and who have a good reputation in the industry.

4. Attend Job Fairs
Job fairs aren’t just for entry-level positions these days. Job and industry fairs can be an excellent way to connect with potential employees. Job fairs allow the company a window to pitch their positions and their company to potential applicants. This can be a great way to scout out prospective employees while also increasing exposure for the company.

5. Work With the Schools
Another way a company can secure new talent is to work directly with schools. Larger companies can take part in job placement programs and find the best possible talent within the pool of graduating students. This can be a great way to secure an excellent employee before competitors can reach them.

6. Consider Using Recruiters
If it just doesn’t seem possible to find the right applicant for the job then a company may consider using a recruiter instead. While recruiters do charge fees a company needs to consider the time and money that they are already spending trying to find an applicant. Recruiters have large databases to pull qualified applicants from and they specialize in placing the right applicants in the right positions.

Finding the right employees for an open position can be very challenging but it’s also one of the most important things a company can do. Having the right employees can often determine a business’s success and it’s worth taking the time to do it the right way.