How Apps Are Revolutionizing the Energy Sector

Energy efficiency is a major focus of green technology and even app developers in Texas and other states are making significant contributions towards the goal. This can be seen from various apps that allow users to limit excessive consumption.

As electricity consumption across the world becomes more tech friendly, the ‘adoption rate’ of the apps is likely to increase in the upcoming years.

The Case of Texas

In order to adequately express the impact of these apps, Texas serves as wonderful case study. The reason is the deregulation policy over there which allows multiple providers to exist, compete and provide cost effective services.

By doing a simple study of the Texas energy prices, one can see how important ‘smart’ consumption of energy has become. With the ability to choose from different providers, consumers can now make intelligent decisions. This can also be seen in how companies have brought apps to the market that not only allow users to pay bills online, but also monitor their consumption and compare state-based prices.

Bounce Energy is a relevant example. The company has launched apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Their apps have an in-built feature of an energy savings calculator, which helps users in making efficient consumption choices.

Another example is that of TXU energy which has a TXU Energy Mobile App for iPhone users. The app is also a part of home automation device by TXU (Brighten iThermostat), and promotes efficiency and savings on utility bills.

Other Mentionable Apps

Kill-Ur-Watts is a notable app that uses consumption data and develops strategies for reduction in usage. The app is available on iTunes and provides customizable graphs for noting your carbon footprint.

Energy Tracker is another offering designed to avoid unnecessary expenses. It is an integrative app that monitors how much energy your appliance or a specific system has used. Based on the comparative data, users can control over-usage. An additional advantage of the app is that the data can be exported in the form of a CSV file.

CodeGreen Energy is a really innovative use of technology and is sponsored under the Energy Star program that rates buildings for their consumption rates. Using this app, consumers can check the energy efficiency of the buildings in their vicinity. This is not only a green technology app, but also has an informational application for real estate investment. Furthermore, the Energy Star score is constantly updated from the back-end servers.

Light Bulb Finder is an app available for both Android and iOS users. It helps users decide where to buy efficient light bulbs from. The recommendations are updated as new products are introduced.

Among new generation apps, there is one released by developers at the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). It is titled ERCOT energy saver mobile app and it works on iOS and Android. Among the latest features are the real time system conditions providing instant data on consumption. Additionally, users are also updated on wholesale prices, helping them to choose from cost effective providers.

The list of apps provided above serves as a good resource for those interested in saving energy the smart way. Technology input from the energy sector and app developers is driving groundbreaking change.