More Business Owners Going Back to School For Specialized Certifications

As more business owners plan to go back to school to earn specialized certifications, they may have to tackle the GMAT, an exam used by well over 1,700 universities around the world to qualify business students. In fact, the GMAT has been tested for over 60 years for reliability. First developed with graduate management faculty, it has become a standard measure to assess the experience and expertise of student’s knowledge and skills.

Still, although the exam is rigorous and demanding, the new online study system developed by Barron’s GMAT educational experts makes it possible to score high.

7 Unfair Advantages

Barron’s GMAT test prep offers 7 cutting-edge learning benefits:

1. The video lessons provided by the course experts actually offer more video content than those offered by any other test prep provider. These lessons are taught by top authors and teachers and walk students through the essential lessons necessary to ace the GMAT. Since the videos are available on demand, students can watch them repeatedly, as well as rewind to key sections. Over fifty hours of video lessons designed by industry experts makes Barron’s GMAT test prep one of the most comprehensive in the business.

2. Students are able to prepare for the exam in a smarter way using Adaptive Learning Technology which uses advanced diagnostic algorithms to create customized courses for students. Customization is done by calibrating skills, assessing time available to study, and offering recommendations on what the student needs to learn to dramatically improve their score.

3. Accessibility to prep material has also been taken into account. Students can access their test prep material online through their computers, smartphones, and tablets. This unparalleled accessibility makes it easier for students with busy schedules to improve their scores wherever they are.

4. Diagnostic testing ensures high performance. When students first start, they receive a diagnostic test that measures their skill sets. The diagnosis offers students an accurate study plan designed to optimize the time available to study. Naturally, this increases the probability of success when it comes time to take the exam.

5. The GMAT course dashboard offers students an up-to-date window of their preparation status. The personalized dashboard makes it easy to monitor progress and keep on top of key tasks. Staying on track with a personalized study plan is essential for doing well in the exam.

6. Solving practice problems quickly and easily is one of the best ways of acing the GMAT. Barron’s top instructors provide step-by-step solutions to thousands of problems through videos that detail the best solutions to realistic problems.

7. Personalized reporting is made possible because the online software monitors student progress and the changes to their skills profile. This profile is updated every time students complete an exercise, review practice questions, or do a diagnostic test. The profile then makes recommendations on how to make more progress with the study plan.

Final Thoughts

Barron’s online study plan to prepare for the GMAT is designed to maximize scores by offering students hundreds of expert video lessons and thousands of practice test questions. Students can leverage the power of adaptive learning technology to learn more material at a faster rate. In addition, students can get vital feedback on their readiness to take the exam though three full-length computer adaptive tests and one diagnostic test.