Major Streams of Revenue for Blog Owners

Blogging has changed a lot over the years. As little as five years ago, the majority of bloggers were blogging as a hobby. As more people began blogging, it morphed into a business for some, and that trend is still growing. Now, most blogs employ several revenue making options.


Placing ads on a blog is the most widely used source of income for bloggers. Google AdSense is the most popular, but they aren’t the only option. These ads are strategically placed on the blog, and money is made every time someone clicks on the ad. You can use these ad networks on a blog that’s just getting started or a blog that gets a lot of traffic. The network itself doesn’t put any limits on the traffic, but the more people who see the ads, the more clicks you will get. It’s a numbers game, but one that can be especially lucrative as readership grows.

Another popular option is sponsored ads. These work best on established blogs that are already getting a decent amount of traffic. Using this method, advertisers pay for the chance to host their ad on the blog. How much an advertiser is willing to pay for the chance to host their ad depends on how much traffic the blog generates. Pay is usually monthly, which allows the blogger to negotiate a higher price as traffic increases.

Paid Content

This is another method of income for established blogs with good traffic. Paid content includes blog posts about a specific topic or group of topics. These posts either mention the company by name or link to a webpage specified by the company. By paying for content, companies can expand their reach, draw in new customers and increase their profits. Pay ranges anywhere from $25 to $500 per post and is determined by the amount of traffic the blog gets daily.

Another type of paid content is reviews. How much a company is willing to pay depends on how many prospective customers they believe the blog will send their way.

Affiliate Marketing

You can sell other people’s products on your blog to make money. Companies like Commission Junction, ClickBank and Linkshare are the most well known, but they aren’t the only ones. If there is a product you really want to sell on your blog, chances are the company that makes it has an affiliate program. Just use Google to search. For example: Searching for “Microsoft affiliate” will bring up Microsoft’s affiliate program. Once you find a program, sign up and follow the instructions for including their products on your blog.

Paid Subscriptions

Paid subscriptions are usually monthly newsletters that a blogger sends out. The newsletter contains information that only subscribers get. Other options for subscriptions include e-courses, training videos and communities like web forums.


Asking for donations is another popular option. It’s not selling, and loyal readers are usually happy to donate what they can. How much a blogger makes is dependent on how many readers they have.

Bloggers who have grown their readership to thousands of daily readers have been asked to work as consultants, do interviews, speak at events and write books. All of these add another source of income. So offering good content and building a large reader base is important.