What You Need To Know About Apple’s New iOS7

Apple’s iOS operating system has been popular for a long time, but Apple has decided to make some changes so that the iPhone and other associated devices can adequately compete against Android’s OS. Many people are saying that these changes closely mirror Android 4, but others are saying that it’s Apple’s best move because the majority of these changes update some of the most archaic features of the iOS lineup.

Instant App Updates
It seems almost unthinkable, but it took about six years for Apple to introduce a feature that automatically updates your apps. Apps are always being updated because developers are adding new features, making the program more secure or just somehow improving the coding. At the same time, most people would ignore the updates because they had to be done manually.

This changes with iOS7. All of the updates will be done in the background so that you can enjoy the newest features without wasting time updating the apps manually.

More Camera Features
Every iOS device has come with a strong camera, but there have been relatively few features for the camera aside from pointing and shooting. You can now enjoy adding filters and colors to your photos to make them look even better, and you can set the camera to take square photos.

This may not seem that amazing, but many websites will only accept square photos. For example, people would constantly crop their photos so that they could be added to Instagram. You can now do this with the push of a button.

Notification Center
The previous incarnations of the iOS system would only tell you if you missed a call or received a message from the lock screen. These push notifications were great back in 2007 when the iPhone was first introduced, but it’s a little annoying now. You can now check Notification Center to see what you missed.

Not only that, but Notification Center also integrates with the Internet and your notes. If you marked that someone’s birthday is today, then that message would be added to your Notification Center menu. This menu will also suggest wearing shorts in the summer or taking an umbrella if it’s going to rain.

Control Center
This is probably one of the biggest updates. Android is known for putting all of the common commands at your fingertips, but Apple has been slow to add this feature. While you can change the state of your Internet connection or quickly play music, you would often have to go through several menus to do so.

Control Center allows you to place the device in airplane mode, play songs, connect to AirPlay devices and so on. You’ll finally feel like you’re in control of the device.

You could multitask in the previous versions of iOS, but it was laughable. You would click the main button twice to open a menu that contained all of your apps. This was clunky and hard to use.

The new iOS allows you to quickly move from one app to the next. While it’s not quite as easy as just selecting a new program from a desktop, it’s getting there.

You’ll find that iOS7 offers some of the biggest and most exciting changes to Apple’s mobile environment. While some people are upset because they have to learn how to use the new features, you’re sure to love them because you finally have the power to control your device.