The Pros & Cons of Hiring Out of State

For some areas, it may be difficult to find qualified people to fill the positions of a business. It is this problem that forces many corporations to look outside of the local area. This is especially true if the business is in a rural location. Although there are plenty of benefits to hiring help outside of the state, the situation could also have unattractive points. What kinds of circumstances could you experience in this kind of a situation?

Experienced Professionals
By expanding the pool of potential candidates to hire abroad, you are increasing the number of those that are qualified to fill the position. Instead of relying on the experience and education of your immediate area, you can essentially import a more qualified professional to fill your position.

Uninfluenced by Locality
Hiring someone out of state provides you with an employee that has a fresh mind with new ideas. This individual hasn’t been influenced by the opinions or mannerisms of those within the area. This person’s “outsider view” could bring about beneficial changes that you may never have thought of previously.

Possible Higher Education Level
Not every school teaches students the same. Some schools provide a greater level of educated graduates than others. Hiring graduates from those areas could infuse a higher degree of expertise within your organization. In many ways, hiring from out of state is similar to the football draft. You want the best players on your team to fill those positions in order to build a successful staffing of professionals.

Possibility of Freelance Work
Looking outside of your state for staff doesn’t mean you have to move them to your neighborhood. Depending on the tasks you need completed, an individual could possibly do the work from his or her home. This could be ultimately less expensive to your business as you wouldn’t need to worry about salary and could pay on a per-job basis.

Moving Expenses
A large portion of those professionals that are out of state may need help moving locally. While it may be in your company’s budget to do so, moving expenses can be quite costly. If the individual has a family, the cost could become exponentially more expensive.

Lowered Expectations
What if the person you moved into your organization fails to meet your expectations? The entire expense of moving and training could be felt as though it was wasted. This is a possibility regardless of who you hire for any position. However, spending the time and energy to move someone in from out of state compounds the feeling of disappointment.

Displeasure by the Employee
Moods affects the work and professionalism of virtually everyone. If the new employee is dissatisfied with the area he or she now lives in, it could greatly affect work ethics. You may even find yourself looking for a new employee as he or she became homesick and decided to move back to where you brought the individual. Perhaps the person was dissatisfied with the cost of living or the community in general.

Rather than giving the position to someone that is clearly unqualified, looking for help outside of your state may be the best option. As long as you weigh the good points with the bad, you can prepare yourself for many different scenarios. Don’t be afraid of looking elsewhere for qualified professionals, but consider the cons as well as the pros in order to make an informed decision.