Recycling & Outsourcing: How it Can Benefit Your Company

Depending on which financial or economic expert you consult, you will receive a slightly different projected view of the current economy. The truth is that volatility in the economy cannot only be managed and successfully endured, it can be used as a platform on which you can grow and expand your company. To the traditional thinker this does not make financial or economic sense, but to the lateral thinker — the one that is willing to think outside of the box — this makes perfect sense. A free capitalist economy provides the flexibility and adaptability that allows great thinkers to make adjustments that create opportunities for them to experience growth when other companies are closing their doors.

The Power of Reverse Thinking

When looking to grow a company the traditional school of thought sends business owners looking for ways to increase revenue generation in order to secure the necessary capital for growth. The lateral thinker sees the volatility as an opportunity to increase their share of the market. Instead of looking for ways to increase revenue, which often means increasing prices, they look for ways to cut overhead costs in order to free up cash and invest more into improving the customer experience. There are two highly effective ways that businesses are able to do this without impacting the level of service they provide their customers. In fact, when these two plans are effectively implemented, they often create the opportunity to improve the services and products that are presented to the customer.

Outsourcing is Vital to Remain Viable

Because of political wordplay, the term “outsourcing” has taken on a negative connotation. When most people think of outsourcing, they envision a large corporation sending American jobs overseas in exchange for cheap labor. The truth is that the majority of outsourcing is done right here in the U.S. Outsourcing is a model that allows a company to take on more business without having to incur the overhead of hiring more employees. By developing a relationship with companies that can provide certain services as well as necessary manpower to help you increase your business, you can increase your service and product output exponentially while increasing your bottom line numbers.

Recycling Is a Simple Method of Revenue Conservation

In the same way that outsourcing allows a business to minimize the overhead associated with hiring more employees, recycling helps to minimize the overhead by controlling expenditures associated with supplies and equipment. When a business is able to recycle paper and plastic products and containers, it can cut annual spending by as much as 15 to 20 percent. There are a number of ways in which a recycling plan can be implemented. There are some businesses that choose to do this on a grass roots level, with all of the planning and execution taking place in-house; however, one of the best methods is to bring in a company that is capable of facilitating all of your recycling needs.

A company like Container Exchanger specializes in returnable packaging and containers, meaning that your company will not be forced to consistently spend money on new packaging and containers every month. This will have a significant impact on your overall costs over the course of the year. Working with Container Exchanger means that you will be able to recycle your storage bins, bulk containers, nesting totes and a number of other boxes and containers.

When you implement either or both of these practices, you will begin to see a significant increase in cash surplus and the overhead costs subsides. This creates the unlimited potential for growth as well as the ability to enhance the products and services that you provide your customer.