Seven Unique Places to Host a Corporate Retreat

With a business retreat, employees and owners can get together and discuss the logistics of the company. This is a solid way for an organization to improve their operations and increase profitability. Of course, most of the time, one will hold a retreat in a boring or predictable area. While this may suffice for some, others want more out of their location. Here are seven unique destinations for a business retreat.

oklahomaOklahoma: With a central location and enjoyable weather, one must consider holding their next corporate meeting in Oklahoma. This unique destination offers a visitor plenty of options no matter what interests a person has. Not only does the state have plenty of beautiful and natural landscape; there are world-class resorts and casinos throughout the state. For the golfing fan, there plenty of amazing and accessible golf courses. Finally, Oklahoma has plenty of outdoor activities that will allow workers to unplug from the digital world. Without a doubt, one must consider holding their next event in the state of Oklahoma.

San Diego: This city has perfect weather and plenty of outdoor activities. Often, corporations opt to head north to Los Angeles since it is a well-known city. This is a mistake since San Diego offers visitors a chance to relax in perfect weather. Within a short drive, one can see Mexico, visit local casinos or go on a hike up a 6,000 foot mountain. When hosting an event in San Diego, visitors will have a grand time and will probably not want to leave.

san diego

Denver: In Denver, visitors will enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. In the winter, one can ski their hearts out while in the summer a traveler can hike or enjoy of the many lakes. Most people can reach Denver by plane within three hours. This makes it a smart destination for a large company that employees people all over the country.


Memphis: This city offers a central location, and visitors from all over the country will have no trouble reaching this town. In Memphis, revelers will enjoy plenty of food and drinking options. In fact, in Memphis, one can walk down the street carrying a beer. This is a serious advantage for a business owner that wants to let their employees relax while blowing off a little steam.


Asheville: People will love the natural beauty of Asheville, North Carolina. In this town, one can ditch their electronics and head out to one of the many natural lakes. For the foodie, the city offers plenty of healthy dining options including a few vegetarian restaurants. When looking for an outdoor experience, one must consider hosting their retreat in Asheville, North Carolina.


Michigan: In this state, one can enjoy relaxing on the lake or roughing it in the woods. Again, Michigan is easily accessible, and people from all over the country can fly into Detroit within a few hours. This is a perfect summer destination since the weather is agreeable and visitors should not have problems with excessive heat.


Upstate New York: There are plenty of unique towns in New York. When heading a few hours outside of the major cities, one can find plenty of small towns to hold a solid and enjoyable retreat. This is a smart choice for a corporation with headquarters on the East Coast.

New York Upstate Lakes

Without a doubt, these seven destinations are excellent places to host a retreat.